Naomi baker sitting on pilates chair

Founder: Naomi Baker

I am passionate about the benefits of Classical Pilates practice and its power to return natural, healthy movement to the body. I know what a vital difference regular practice can make to overcoming persistent or niggling pains or injuries and living a long, full and active life.

My own journey with Pilates started around ten years ago when, like many people, I bought a DVD (remember those) to try at home and loved it! Over the next few years I attended group mat classes at local gyms whilst continuing with my road running training and later began attending equipment classes to develop my practice and introduce resistance training. Pilates was invaluable in helping me overcome imbalances and injuries that resulted from my running training. When a serious knee injury led to major surgery it enabled me to regain my strength, stability and flexibility. Now that I have swapped running for cycling shoes my regular Pilates practice enhances my endurance and form on the bike and helps me maintain harmony between mind and body.

I bring more than 15 years experience of working in corporate coaching and people development roles into my teaching to build an inspiring learning environment for my clients. As a learning professional I have always understood the value of continual professional development and have always committed to my own. I first qualified as a Pilates instructor by achieving my L3 Diplomas and began teaching clients the matwork across the community and in local gym settings. I have since built on this foundation knowledge by completing comprehensive training with the Advanced Teacher Training programme from The Pilates Center. This programme was founded by Rachel Taylor-Segel and Amy Taylor-Alpers, some of the most experienced teachers of the Classical work in the world, and follows the Pilates teachings of Romana Kryzanowska. This comprehensive training enables me to use the method's full suite of equipment, as intended by Joseph Pilates, to meet the needs of every client, whatever their individual needs.

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Advanced Teacher Training Programme from The Pilates Center Boulder

L3 Diploma in Instructing Mat-Based Pilates

L3 Award in Designing Physical Activity Programmes for Antenatal and Postnatal Clients

Access Specialist Diploma in Advanced Pilates

UKA Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF)

Emergency First Aid at Work from St John Ambulance