Our Classes & Training

Group Classes & Timetable

Learning Pilates with others can help keep costs down whilst also giving you other people to learn from, in a class everyone benefits from the cues and corrections given to an individual. Group classes are restricted to a maximum of 10 participants to ensure everyone benefits from some individual attention during the class.

We are now back to teaching in person with the following timetable:

Monday 7:45 pm Village Hall, Bramley

Thursday 6:30pm Village Hall, Bramley

Friday 10:00am Luci Trendell Yoga studio, Burghfield

We are maintaining several Covid precaution measures to ensure clients stay safe, including but not limited to:

  • distancing between mats

  • clients provide their own mats

  • opening additional windows to improve ventilation

  • electronic payments and booking only, prior to class

All bookings must be made, and paid for, in advance in Gymcatch.

Private lesson

A personal session is tailored to you and your needs. The lesson starts by discussing your needs, physical and exercise history to inform your programme. You will work on the full range of traditional Pilates equipment to ensure you gain the most benefit from each session. Personal training is ideal for those who have specific issues they wish to target or are looking to fast track their progress.

Personal Training sessions could be something you do every week or as an occasional deep dive to explore your form and technique to get the most out of your regular group classes.

Duet lesson

With many of the benefits of personal training at a reduced cost taking a class with a friend of partner is a great way to practice Pilates. Each session is shaped around the needs of the two clients, addressing individual needs whenever possible.

This could be a regular session or something that you and a friend from a regular group class do to focus on your form to improve your practice more quickly.

nbk pilates pre and post natal classes

Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Pregnancy and birth involve huge changes to a woman's body which, whilst typically short-term, may have long term effects. Pilates is a great way of supporting the body during pregnancy, preparing for birth and helping the body return to its pre-pregnancy state. During pregnancy it is best for exercises to be modified to be practiced safely, and after birth the needs of each woman can vary significantly and therefore these classes are offered as personal training sessions making use of the full range of traditional Pilates equipment.